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Coventry Cathedral

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Following Westminster Abbey, I was blessed with an opportunity to perform an organ recital at Coventry Cathedral in Coventry. Like Westminster Abbey, Coventry Cathedral has its own unparalleled history. Coventry has had three cathedrals in the past 1000 years, with the current cathedral having been built in the late 1950's after the earlier cathedral was destroyed in World War II. The architecture reflects its more modern heritage, being very bright, open, and spacious. I again performed Bach's Organ Concerto in A Minor, Widor's Symphony for Organ No. 5, and my own medley arrangement of Tea for Two, Cinema Paradiso, and Sing Sing Sing. The organ is a Harrison & Harrison, built in 1962 with the specification evolved over several years from the advice of a number of musicians, with Dr. Sidney Campbell, Organist of St. George's Chapel Windsor Castle, as the final consultant.

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